Mitchell Services, Inc. has been in the instrumentation, automation, controls and instrumentation business for more than 36 years. We have provided our services throughout North America, South America, Europe, Middle East and Asia. We perform sales and services on many different systems.

We focus closely on multiple vendor products, software and system configurations. We also specialize in industrial automation and control projects.

We are a complete systems integrator with the experience and ability to automate all of your equipment. We collect and report data from your operations and provide interface with your business systems. We are involved in the calibration, loop tuning, instrument repair, field modifications, and efficiency testing on new and existing systems. The capacity we have serviced range from 10,000 Lbs/Hr up to 300,000 Lbs/Hr; either firing gas, oil, coal, wood, waste oil, or a combination of each.

Our combined experience in the business has translated into an extremely broad application experience. We have experience in projects ranging from large manufacturing plants to small single pump system. We are experienced in the production of control systems and working together with our customers to provide them with the best automation, instrumentation and control service.

We work with a variety of vendors and organizations such as: